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Sewers and Drainage

Drains and sewers are essential to managing waste and surface water generated by each home, commercial property or agricultural sector in Britain. It is vital the correct infrastructure is installed to connect the property to the appropriate drainage system, eliminating cross contamination of foul water with rainwater, and minimising the risk of flooding.

At TC & Co Groundworks we offer a complete range of sewers and drainage solutions from the installation of pumping stations and manhole covers to mass sewer infrastructure. As well as surface water drainage systems to manage the flow of storm water back into Britain's waterways.

We ensure that every property has the essential infrastructure to function day-to-day whilst also preventing water pollution and cross contamination.

Sewers & Drainage TC & Co Civil Engineering & Groundworks

Other Services

At Tc & Co our staff have a wide range of skills, qualifications and experience enabling us to take ownership of multiple elements of a development or project and making us the main point of call contractor in the South West.


Groundworks are the core of our business. Working closely with our clients and allocating resources accordingly. Profiles are set out by our team of engineers using Leica instruments and work is carried out by our highly qualified operatives. Focusing on delivering quality work in a safe, cost effective manor.

Road Preparation and 278 Works

Without roads the UK comes to a halt, but our ground workers help to connect new homes to their wider geographical location. From earthworks to give your road the solid foundation it needs, drains and sewers to manage surface water, to the surfacing and paving. 

Retaining Structures

Our retaining structures extend to all types, from underground basement walls, above ground elevations, gravity walls and gabions, sheet piled, cantilever to crib designs. Where do you build them? Anywhere - from Commercial projects, residential building sites or next to public highways.

Underpinning & Existing Floor Excavation

If a building has ongoing movement, settlement or cracking the team at TC & Co can help, with the experience and sensitivity needed to tackle both modern and historic structures. We also excavate existing floors for underfloor heating or increased head height on older properties.

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If you have a South based development, project or contract and are in need of a groundworks firm contact us today to see how we can help. We're happy to provide advice or tender for any groundworks and civil engineering service you might require.


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