Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) TC & Co Civil Engineering & Groundworks

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)

What is SuDS? - Sustainable urban drainage systems are a assembly of water management applications that aim to align modern drainage systems with natural water processes. SuDS efforts make urban drainage systems more compatible with components of the natural water cycle such as storm surge overflows, soil percolation, and bio-filtration.

Why choose SuDS as a developer or house builder ? - It gives an opportunity for developers to add not only a positive visual impact to there scheme but managing flood risks and meeting local planning requirements.

Top SuDS benefits for developers:

Speeds up the approval process

When it comes to the planing process it can become very long winded but adopting a well-designed SuDS scheme always has a positive impact with regards to getting a faster planning approval.

Construction Cost Savings

With possible savings of up to 20% from traditional drainage sites and schemes, SuDS offers a great saving for developers on large scale residential and commercial projects.

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) TC & Co Civil Engineering & Groundworks


SuDS enhance the aesthetic of a development it promotes health and support for green infrastructure along with improving recreational value. Ultimately, making it a more attractive and captivating place to live, work and play.

Maintenance Cost Savings

While savings on the initial construction costs can be made so can the future maintenance, on average there is around a £40.00* saving per household per year compared to a traditional drainage system. So while the area is improved there is sell work involved for management companies, councils and owners.
(* based on a 200 unit residential site)

Property Value

Property which is based around or near well designed SuDS emerge to have a positive affect on house saleability and on house prices. In areas with well-established ponds and designs there is professional belief among agents that properties could fetch a 10% premium, along with an increase in saleability.


At TC & Co we have seen the rise in demand for SuDS in new and retrofitting into existing developments and with our experience and knowledge we are always here to help so please feel free to get in touch regarding any SuDS project you may have coming up.

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