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Constructing Foundations

At TC & Co Groundworks foundations are a daily task for our skilled ground workers providing essential footings for houses, apartment blocks or commercial units. We ensure that the resulting structure is stable and is correctly positioned according to approved site plans.

Our foundation work encloses all aspects from the important setting out stage, designating a foundation's exacting boundaries and surface area right through to excavations and oversites that finish foundations off ready for bricklayers to start work.

Whether it's a Trench Fill, Strip Foundations, Raft or Mat Foundations, Pile Foundations or Drilled Shaft Foundations that are required we have the skills and knowledge to execute the excavations and construct to technical specifications. Ensuring the depths, diameters and trench type comply to building regulation best practice and also adhere with local authority planning.

Foundations TC & Co Civil Engineering & Groundworks

Other Services

At Tc & Co our staff have a wide range of skills, qualifications and experience enabling us to take ownership of multiple elements of a development or project and making us the main point of call contractor in the South West.


Groundworks are the core of our business. Working closely with our clients and allocating resources accordingly. Profiles are set out by our team of engineers using Leica instruments and work is carried out by our highly qualified operatives. Focusing on delivering quality work in a safe, cost effective manor.

Civil Engineering

Tc & Co are able to provide a complete service from breaking ground to the completion of large Civil Engineering schemes, not only do we ensure a project can be delivered on time and on budget but also provide the precise calculations needed for correctly formed construction.


Whether it is solid slab or block and beam floors our operatives have the skill and knowledge to execute the oversite process with the precision and attention to detail it demands.  Providing strength and protecting the integrity of a building whilst creating a fully airtight seal that irradiates moisture penetration.

Beam & Block

A very popular alternative to traditional suspended flooring as it can be constructed quickly and inexpensively using ready-made materials. The drying time is eliminated so provides a stable flooring that can be instantly insulated, walked and built on.

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If you have a South based development, project or contract and are in need of a groundworks firm contact us today to see how we can help. We're happy to provide advice or tender for any groundworks and civil engineering service you might require.


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